Chapter 2: The Howl

In this session we will talk about finding your center in God, holding onto hope and taking small healthy steps after loss.

Journey to the Sunrise
Discover that some people, even close family members, may grieve differently than you.
Realize that it’s not about you. It’s not about your loss. They are not rejecting you, and they are not dismissing your tears. It’s about their own grief journey.
Understand that part of establishing camp in the aftermath is deciding to stay still. Don’t run, and don’t make drastic changes to your setting or major decisions if you can avoid doing so.

Steps on the Path

  • Don’t make any major decisions while you are in Ground Zero. Grief is like being emotionally drunk with pain. You are not firing on all pistons at this time. Proceed with caution.
  • Grieve in ways that are true to you. Guard your process as well as your routines, and respect your emotional needs. Find ways initially that resonate with you, and know that those ways will evolve.
  • Find your center. Find your faith anchor, and hold on for dear life.

180 Your Life: A Woman's Grief Guide, Chapter 2

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