Chapter 3: The Swim

In this session we will talk about practical ideas for overcoming thoughts of dispair. God has a plan for you. Let's keep moving forward together.

Journey to the Sunrise
Do not believe the slithering lie that choosing to die makes the pain stop.
Realize that it takes your bucket of pain and turns back on all the people who love you, and pours that pain into them, changing them permanently.
Understand that though the pain is excruciating, it is only temporary.

Steps on the Path
Grief can be caused by many of life’s experiences, but you are not alone.
There is a way to handle the rage, depression, and despair connected to grief.
Start your journey toward transforming tragedy into triumph by:

  • Crying out to God for help. Even if you two aren’t on great terms at the moment.
  • Calling your friends until they come and sit with you.
  • If friends can’t come, go to them. Do not isolate yourself.
  • Find help through connecting with others.
  • Honestly tell them how you are feeling.

Try to take a five-minute vacation from grief and look around you.
I promise there will be something to smile about.

180 Your Life: A Woman's Grief Guide, Chapter 3

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